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Marble Run - Square Set Combo

Marble Run - Square Set Combo

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    Adding the most versatile building blocks to the most colourful and comprehensive magnetic marble run in South Africa!

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    Taking play to new heights

    A perfect combination, making for higher, steeper and faster marble runs. Increasing the possibilities for complex marble run designs and many more hours of magnetic tile joy.

    Suited for children aged 5 years & older.

    Marble Run

    The Imagimags Marble Run has extra strong magnets, a generous offering of 36 sturdy connector tiles, colour-coded chutes and slopes, and six matching balls.

    The Marble Run includes:
    36 Connector Square Magnetic Tiles
    10 Corner Chutes (Red)
    10 Slopes (Pink)
    10 Short Straights (Yellow)
    8 Diagonal Chutes (Orange)
    8 Hairpin Bends (Green)
    8 Long Straights (Blue)
    6 Balls
    2 Cups

    Square Set

    The most loved and versatile Imagimags of them all. Perfect to start, or expand, your collection with.

    The Square Set includes:
    36 Solid Squares
    2 Large Bases

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