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Our Story

Imagimags was launched in October 2020 after Owner-Director, Nicola, noticed a gap in the South African magnetic tile market. As a school teacher, turned homeschooling mom, Nicola could see the need for high-quality yet affordable magnetic tiles for South Africans. She knew that magnetic tiles were some of the best open-ended toys and that her two children absolutely adored playing with them. Yet the options for South Africans were limited - being low in quality or very expensive.


Nicola’s experience in the school system allowed her to recognise the many benefits that imaginative and creative thinking brought to her students. She knew that she wanted her own children to grow up with easy access to their imaginations. And to develop their ability to solution-find and think innovatively about challenges that life would present to them. Her search for magnetic tiles in South Africa was uninspiring and she decided, with the help of her partner, Stuart - a Market Research expert - to create her own.


Fast forward to 2021, and Imagimags continues to grow and develop into a household name. Join us on social media to find out more about how we are spreading the joy of open-ended play through magnetic tile building with Imagimags. 


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