Designed to be beautiful and practical. Perfect for storing and travelling with Imagimags.

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Colour: Pink

Imagine a bag...

A bag big enough to fit in all your Imagimags!

Perfect for quickly tidying up the play space and storing the building tiles until creativity strikes again.

Imagine the convenience

With drawstrings for easy carrying, imagine taking a set of Imagimags along to play dates, appointments, outings.

With an Imagibag, Imagimags is the perfect toy to travel with. Imagine no more boredom!

Beautifully matching the tiles

Choose an Imagibag in Orange, Green, Blue or Pink with patterns of swirls and twirls or geometric shapes and a colour-matched drawstring.

Imagine a bag that adds colourful beauty to the play space and is pretty to carry around.

Locally designed and produced

Made by Cape Town based seamstresses, Imagibags are made from Shweshwe fabric, which is 100% Cotton and easy to wash.

Shweshwe has a long history of being an important traditional cloth and is now a world renowned feature of South African fashion.

Imagibag details

Imagibags are 100% Cotton Shweshwe drawstring bags.

Available colours: Orange, pink, green and blue.

40cm x 45cm