As a parent, we influence our children’s lives, from the values we instil in them, to the way in which they see the world. As much of an influence as we have over their lives, there is no doubt that a child’s actions not only impacts their future, but the future of our society as a whole. The youth are the future. They youth can change the world. 
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Starting up a new preschool with a curriculum that encourages learning through play, I knew I had to find some magnetic tiles. Imagimags ticked all the right boxes for us.
  • 2 min read
Imagimags are the best magnetic tiles I have had the opportunity to interact with - due to both the variety of the pieces and the quality, in particular the strength of the magnets.
  • 3 min read
While unpacking this product, I kept thinking: “so many pieces, so many possibilities!”. I was so amazed at the amount and the quality of the tiles. I love that they are transparent, because it gives a whole other dimension to the creations and it makes it look fairytale-like.
  • 3 min read