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IMAGIMAGS Magnetic Tiles

Created to inspire children's imaginations, because open-ended play is 21st century learning.

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Play with Imagimags develops:

Children follow the expert-defined steps of problem solving when playing with Imagimags.

Defining the Problem - Deciding what to build. Designing the Solution - Building the structure. Evaluating the Solution: Deciding whether the structure can be played with or needs to be rebuilt.

Repeating the steps again and again. Children notice their own capabilities improving.

Children are exploring boundless possibilities when they play with Imagimags.

They choose shapes and colours of tiles that will form the bases and the corners and roofs of their imaginative designs.

They are being cognitively flexible. They are improvising and experimenting.

Children need to role-play. Playing through the stories of their home, their communities and their cultures, enables children to deepen their emotional understanding.

Happy news, scary stories, worrisome futures - like a new baby sibling on the way!… As these stories enter into children’s play with Imagimags, they are learning. They are learning to process feelings. They are learning to have adaptability in newness, resilience in hardship and generosity in happiness.

Imagine the Play

  • Children are enthralled by Imagimags. They soon become the most played with toy in the play space.

  • Play Space Favourite

    Imagimags integrate perfectly with other imaginative toys:

    Train tracks pass through Imagimags tunnels; dolls live in Imagimags barns; car collections park in Imagimags garages; dinosaurs roar on Imagimags plains.

  • Creativity Without Limitations

    Other open-ended toys can have their limitations. 

    Wooden blocks are wonderfully open-ended but the structures are knocked down easily. Imagimags have extra-strong magnets, enabling structures to even include bridges and swings!

    There are limitations in imaginative play options in the case of plastic bricks, because of a preponderance of merchandised, gendered themes, which are age-banded. 

  • A "Forever" Toy

    Imagimags grow with the children who play with them. Day after day, children’s designs become more imaginative and their structures become more challenging. They even become taller as children do too! Imagimags don’t become too simplistic as children develop. They meet children at their competency level. Proven by all the parents who can’t stop playing with Imagimags themselves! 

Imagine the Difference

  • Imagimags lie in wait for children’s imaginations. Without a manual, without expectations, without restrictions.

  • Strong

    Imagimags ceramic magnets are the largest and the strongest on the market, allowing children to make structures not possible with other tiles.

  • Safe

    Imagimags have been made to withstand the wildest imaginative play children throw at them. They are non-toxic, made of BPA-free and Phthalate-free ABS recyclable plastic. The plastic is ultrasonically welded, keeping the magnets safely encased.

  • Bright and Beautiful

    Imagimags are the most luminescent tiles out there! Clear in the centre, Imagimags’s patented designed tiles shine! They come in a spectrum of bright colours.

  • Gender Neutral

    Imagimags are carefully designed to be gender-neutral. It’s an invitation to step away from attributing colours to gender, and lets children express themselves through a rainbow of options. 

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