Frequently asked questions

Are Imagimags building tiles compatible with other brands?

Yes, Imagimags building tiles are compatible with other known magnetic tile brands. As the magnets used by other brands may not be as strong, structures built with a mix of our tiles and others may not hold together as well.

Yet, we do know that the more tiles you have, the better so we’d love for you to add Imagimags to your current stash.

What age are Imagimags recommended for?

Imagimags magnetic tiles are recommended for ages 3 years and up because of the magnets which are encased in ultrasonically-welded plastic.

However, supervised play with younger children is possible. Our oldest customer is a 100-year-old model airplane builder who converted to Imagimags because his eyesight could no longer keep up with his dexterity or imagination.

Do you have other sets available

We are currently working on a variety of extension packs as well as smaller sets that will be made available to purchase as soon as possible.

Keep an eye on our social media for announcements related to this.

Where are Imagimags made?

Our tiles are made in China, yet our brand has been conceptualised and directed by Nicola and her team of fellow South Africans. Imagibags - our 100% cotton, Shweshwe drawstring bags are designed and made locally by South African-owned business, Shweshwe Baby.

Can Imagimags tiles be submerged in water?

As our tiles are double riveted and made of BPA and phthalate free ABS food-grade plastic, they can be submerged in water. We don’t recommend that you leave them there though. ;)

Do you offer discounts for schools?

We currently have a pre-school programme that may interest you. Please email to find out more about how your institution and associated families could benefit from our discount and rewards programme.

Do you do exchanges and returns?

The Imagimags Joy Guarantee means that we stand by our products, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, ands or buts.

If you child does not love their Imagimags, for whatever reason, we will fully refund you your purchase. We want to provide Joy, guaranteed

Is this an environmentall responsible purchase?

We are all very concerned about the amount of plastic being produced and the quantities of plastic that add to the discarded fishing equipment in our oceans.

Imagimags building tiles are completely recyclable. But you’re unlikely to want to part with them for many years.

They are a “forever” toy, being available to children’s imaginations throughout their childhoods. They can be handed down to the next generation too!