Frequently Asked Questions

Are Imagimags building tiles compatible with other brands?

Yes! While Imagimags have the safest and strongest magnets on the market and the most luminous, scratch-resistant tiles, we are compatible with other overseas brands of magnetic tiles (excluding Magformers, which are frames and not solid tiles). Our tiles are also compatible with most direct import products being brought into South Africa from China. 

For what age group are Imagimags sets designed and recommended?

Imagimags sets are designed to appeal to a wide range of ages, from toddlers to pre-teens, as the tiles respond to the creative thinking and fine motor skills of the child playing with them. From simple cubes to complex castles, the possibilities are endless. 

When older children are given access to screen-free, open-ended play, they often impress themselves with their imaginative and intricate builds with the creative, complex builds they create, becoming fully immersed in a world of their own imagination. All Imagimags sets are suitable for this purpose.

In addition, we offer two sets designed specifically for older children aged 5 and up. These are: the Construction Set, which requires more dexterity and involves play with small building bricks, and the Marble Run Set, which requires spatial planning and more complex engineering to build. These sets are designed with complexity in mind.

While toys with magnets are officially recommended for ages 3 and up, supervised play with younger children is also possible with Imagimags tiles. Our tiles are ultrasonically welded, with visible rivets in the corners, ensuring that the magnets are safely encased. This level of safety is not often found in cheaper products on the market.

Are Imagimags safe?

We take the safety of the children who play with our products very seriously. All our sets are certified according to the strictest European safety criteria. The magnets in our tiles are ultrasonically welded and riveted in place to keep them safely secured. 

All of our products are non-toxic. Our tiles are made from the safest ABS food-grade plastic, which is BPA-free and Phthalate-free. 

Do you offer discounts for schools?

We currently have a pre-school programme that may interest you.

Please email to find out more about how your institution and associated families could benefit from our discount and rewards programme.

Do you offer exchanges and/or returns?

The Imagimags Joy Guarantee means that we stand by our products, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, ands or buts.

If you child does not love their Imagimags, for whatever reason, we will fully refund you your purchase. We want to provide Joy, guaranteed

Is this an environmentally-friendly purchase?

We are all very concerned about the amount of plastic being produced and the quantities of plastic that add to the discarded fishing equipment in our oceans.

Imagimags building tiles are completely recyclable. But you’re unlikely to want to part with them for many years.

They are a “forever” toy, being available to children’s imaginations throughout their childhoods. They can be handed down to the next generation too!