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Marble Run Set

Marble Run Set

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    The most colourful and comprehensive magnetic marble run in South Africa!

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    31cm x 26cm x 15cm

    2.40 kg

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    • The high-impact plastic will withstand the most enthusiastic "knock-it-down" moments, ensuring durability and long-lasting playtime.

    • Our magnetic building tiles come with rounded edges, making playtime worry-free for both you and your child.

    • The perfect palette! A range of beautiful colours will help your child create a colourful masterpiece.

    • The power of strong magnets allow your child to build towering structures, that grow as they do.

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    A new dimension of play

    The Imagimags Marble Run has extra strong magnets, a generous offering of 36 sturdy connector tiles, colour-coded chutes and slopes, and six matching balls.

    Imagine the play

    Add dynamism to your magnetic tiles, with colourful marble run chutes and slopes that send balls traversing through your creative and complex marble run designs.

    Non-magnetic marble runs can collapse easily or alternatively be really complicated to construct.

    With magnetic tiles for support, you can easily start your marble run from a great height and be confident it will stay together for repeated goes.

    Cause we know you can’t get enough of watching balls travel down your creative construction!

    Imagine the learning

    Momentum, speed, angles… develop scientific principles while you create the structure for your balls to whizz through cups, along straights, down chutes and around hairpin bends!

    As you become engrossed in the movement of the balls down the marble run, you problem-solve as you play.

    You improve your design for more exciting twists and turns of the colourful balls as they descend your marble run.

    Suited for children aged 5 years and older.

    What's in the box

    36 Connector Square Magnetic Tiles
    10 Corner Chutes (Red)
    10 Slopes (Pink)
    10 Short Straights (Yellow)
    8 Diagonal Chutes (Orange)
    8 Hairpin Bends (Green)
    8 Long Straights (Blue)
    6 Balls
    2 Cups

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