E=MC2 Pre School's Nici Daly.

E=MC2 Pre School's Nici Daly.

E=mc2 is a new preschool that will be bringing an educational model from Helsinki, Finland to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Using the HEI Teachers Tool Kit, we will equip children with the skills needed for the 21st Century. 

Starting up a new preschool with a curriculum that encourages learning through play, I knew I had to find some magnetic tiles. Imagimags ticked all the right boxes for us. Having used magnetic tiles before in a pre- school setting, I was amazed at the improvements visible with Imagimags tiles. The inclusion of magnetic people is exciting as they add a new dimension to the set. The tiles appear stronger and more robust, guaranteeing a good return on your investment with hours of open-ended play.

The glorious open-ended play that is ignited when children see the beautiful colours and feel the strong attraction of the ceramic magnetic pieces, triggers a creative button in children’s brains. They spend a great deal of time planning, building, sorting, categorising and, most importantly, playing. Children learn best through play and, unbeknownst to them - while building with Imagimags - many mathematical concepts are being practiced and refined. These included spatial orientation, measurement, estimation, pattern work, problem solving and number sense. These are our future scientists, engineers and mathematicians laying the foundations that are so important for future learning.

Imaginary play using Imagimags is endless. During Covid times it is important to encourage imaginative play for children to express how they are feeling. Imagimags can be made into wands, castles or crowns. The possibilities are endless. Through creative, open ended imaginative play with other children, parents and teachers, children learn to respect others. They learn to communicate and balance their personal emotions with the emotions of their playmates. Children also learn to make decisions confidently through imaginative play.

I knew I had found a winner in Imagimags as they ticked all the boxes needed to enhance our open-ended play-based model of education from Finland.

Nici Daly, DJEP, HDE Pre-Primary
Principal E=mc2, a play-based, Finnish model of educational Preschool

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