Open-ended Play

Our children, born in an entirely new century, are the brown and blue-eyed beings of the future; a future we struggle to imagine with our 20th century brains. But we want to future-proof them. We want to know we’ve enabled them to succeed.
And we wonder – how do we do our best by these young ones who are our heart’s fulfilment?
For Imagimags the answer is simple: open-ended play.
How does open-ended play differ from other forms of play?
We play sport, we play board games, we play computer games and we play music. All of these have rules, structures and limitations of possibilities. Open-ended play is free from rules and structures. It has limitless possibilities. Open-ended play is free, free-form, freeing.
Open-ended toys, like Imagimags, require imagination to get started. They lie in wait. Watch children convert a pile of Imagimags into either a recognisable structure or a wildly-bizarre creation.
Open-ended play helps children learn to cope with the unexpected. But beyond being prepared for change, it teaches that most valuable of truths – that they are agents in the story. Everything is full of potential.
Children learn that they themselves can create change.
And that is what our future needs.