Student Registered Counsellor - Toni Pelser

Student Registered Counsellor - Toni Pelser

As a student registered counsellor and play therapy volunteer at an NGO, I often see clients who have never had the chance to really play before. It is so important for children, especially those that have experienced trauma and have been denied the chance to be a child, to be able to play.  

Play therapy is a non-threatening way for children to process past traumas as well as learn coping strategies to deal with behavioural problems, anxiety, anger, the list goes on… It is important for these children to attend therapy as it can assist them and their caregivers with interventions so that the child no longer struggles. Play therapy also assists children into becoming teenagers and adults who can function and play a part in society.

In the play therapy sessions, the child can choose what to play with (the toys available all have a therapeutic purpose) and how to play with it. This often gives the therapist insight into the child’s world and what may be bothering them. 

Children often enjoy building things as it lets them escape into a different world for a while and forget their problems. It is important to have a variety of building toys for the child to choose from, such as Lego, wooden blocks, and most importantly, Imagimags. 

Imagimags do not only just help the child use their imagination and creativity, but it also helps strengthen the child’s hand muscles which improves their fine motor skills. Playing with construction toys, such as Imagimags, helps the child focus, calm down, regulate, and concentrate. This is so important for children with impulse control issues or with concentration problems. The more the child interacts with the Imagimags, the better they their schoolwork and social skills will become. 

Imagimags are not just amazing for the play therapy setting, but can be used at schools, in the Occupational Therapy environment, as well as at home. 

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