Fashioning future careers with Imagimags - Waheeda Essop

Fashioning future careers with Imagimags - Waheeda Essop

Do you see your child as a creative architect? Or a budding engineer?

Building, design and constructing professionals need to have an array of crucial skills in their everyday lives. While they study to gain knowledge in these fields, they require foundational skills in their early years that would set them apart. Some of these skills arise from play time in construction games and activities.

“Imagimags offers one of the best platforms for constructional play”

What’s constructional play all about?

This involves using materials to build something and planning for an end-goal. Object construction requires complex integration of object locations and relations.

Imagimags help develop what is known as object construction skill, creating something new from different objects, something unique. Once constructed, new object information is gained through the demolition or ‘breaking down’ of these structures.

Spatially, constructional play help children develop awareness of objects in relation to each other and how they influence one another in the physical world. It develops areas like depth perception, spatial visualisation, and visuospatial memory. Children develop an understanding of concepts like forces, balance and supportive structures.

Building in constructional play allows for trial and error and compels children to not only identify problems but think of solutions, creatively.

The type of building experience and object construction offered in Imagimags predicts spatial skills later in life. It allows children to hone in their ability to take precise measurements and to stabilise a structure. It is crucial in the foundation skills needed by architects, engineers and designers.

An architect needs to have strong spatial skills to allow manipulation of three-dimensional objects in their minds. 

While an engineer must have creative problem solving skills. 

Being a designer necessitates good visuospatial memory!

Other careers calling for these type spatial reasoning skills are 

  • Graphic designers, 
  • 3D Animators, 
  • Video game designers
  • Web developers

C’mon parents, let's LAY the FOUNDATION with Imagimags  😁

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