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Palatial - Crystal Set Combo

Palatial - Crystal Set Combo

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    Bring enchantment to open-ended play with the two most beautiful sets of Imagimags.

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    Architectural elegance with Crystal clear creativity

    A beautiful, enchanting gift! The combination of the big, beautiful, architecturally-inspired Palatial Set with the magical, transparent Crystal Set will bring such delightful, open-ended play into your home.

    Palatial Set

    Turn the Palatial Set tiles into princess palaces, wizard towers, and unicorn stables. Imaginations can’t resist the pastel palette - beautiful, creative builds are inevitable!

    Crystal Set

    The Crystal Set on its own leads imaginations down paths of fairy villages, ice palaces and magical “glass” houses. When you add this touch of transparent magic to builds with colourful tiles, you get to see into and through your imaginative creations.

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