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48 + 18 Pieces

Architectural - Construction Set Combo

Architectural - Construction Set Combo

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    The most interesting set of Imagimags available in South Africa... just became even better!

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    Stacking the potential

    Two of our most popular sets in one generous combo!

    Imagimags dome tiles inspire architectural masterpieces of imagination.

    And studded square tiles integrate perfectly with your favourite building bricks, plates & figurines to bring this classic construction toy into the world of Imagimags open-ended play.

    Architectural Set

    Construct realistic-looking buildings to form the backdrop for imaginative play with action figures and dolls.

    The Architectural Set includes:
    12 Dome Pieces
    12 Solid Squares
    6 Archways
    6 E shapes
    6 Tall Isosceles Triangles
    6 Windows

    Construction Set

    Integrate your two favourite construction toys - building bricks and Imagimags! The Construction Set tiles have building brick-compatible surfaces.

    The Construction Set includes:
    18 Studded Solid Square Magnetic tiles

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