Encourage Open-Ended and Creative Play with Imagimags

Imagimags is more than just a magnetic building toy - it's a tool that encourages children to explore and develop their creativity through open-ended play.

Children are naturally drawn to Imagimags, and it quickly becomes their most played-with toy in any play space. With Imagimags, children can follow their imaginations and take play in any direction, fostering imaginative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Why Invest in Imagimags?

Investing in Imagimags means investing in a toy that provides countless opportunities for play and learning. Whether your child is constructing a towering building or creating a whimsical sculpture, Imagimags offers endless possibilities for creative expression and fun. Plus, its durability and high-quality construction make it a long-lasting and worthwhile investment for any playroom or educational setting.

A Forever Toy

Day after day, for hours at a time, children stay interested. Their creativity & designs become more imaginative and engaging. 

Highest Quality

Our tiles are unbeatable in quality. Designed to last, with the most powerful magnets, quality is guaranteed.

Proudly South African

We are a South African brand. All our tiles are conceptualised & designed in South Africa.

Joy Guarantee

Get your money back & keep the tiles if your child does not love them.

Problem Solving

Children follow the expert-defined steps of problem- solving when playing with Imagimags.

Creativity without limitations

Imagimags have extra-strong magnets, enabling complex structures that include bridges and swings!

We don't cut corners on the quality of our product, including the strength and quality of our BPA-free, scratch resistant plastic!

Imagimags magnets are built to last and provide a strong and secure connection for sturdy and stable constructions.

For added safety and durability, Imagimags magnets are securely riveted inside the plastic tiles, providing a worry-free play experience for parents and children

Our tiles are the brightest tiles on the market, coming in gender neutral colours, being the best open-ended toy for everyone!