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Foundation Set

Imagimags is an open-ended play space favourite, with a JOY GUARANTEE included.

15 reviews


Imagimags is an open-ended play space favourite, with a JOY GUARANTEE included.

Open-ended play is imaginative play. It might seem old-fashioned but ironically it best prepares children for the complexities of our technological future.

Open-ended play with Imagimags:

▫️  Stimulates creative thinking

▫️  Develops problem solving skills

▫️  Encourages emotional intelligence

▫️  Grows imaginations


▫️  So well loved! Sure to be the most played-with toy in your play space, imagine children spending ages and ages playing, more than any other toy!

▫️  So safe! Imagine little ones testing their new-found fine motor skills as they experience magnetism for the first time.

▫️  So strong! Imagine bigger ones having a toy that doesn’t break no matter how rough they are.

▫️  So connecting! Imagine a toy that is as much fun (almost) for you to play with, as it is for your child. Experience a mutually joyful connection time.

▫️  So much more on offer! 96 tiles, 2 vehicles, 4 bases and 6 figurines. Imagine play without a feeling of scarcity, without rivalry. Imagine collaborative play!

▫️  So inclusive! Boy, girl or anyone else - imagine them building according to their passions with a set of Imagimags in a rainbow of thoughtful colours and shapes.

▫️  So compatible! Your present set of magnetic tiles is perfectly compatible with Imagimags. Imagine another 108 piece set incorporated in your child’s play. How high could they build now?!


▫️  So creative! Imagine a set of Imagimags combining perfectly with other toys and learning materials - train tracks, cars, Lego and Duplo, Playmobil, little people and animals of all shapes and sizes….

▫️  So child-led! Imagine children creating from their imaginations, without instruction manuals - pure open-ended learning at its best!

▫️  So open to adult-facilitated learning! Imagimags is perfect for learning STEAM topics. From the toddler practising colour-recognition to the primary school child creating complex 3D geometric shapes, imagine children developing a wide range of skills while playing.

▫️  Such a fab STEAM Inspiration booklet! Imagine children paging through and finding ideas for STEAM builds and illustrating their own designs.

Imagimags Foundation Set - 108 pieces includes:
36 Solid Squares
12 Equilateral Triangles
12 Tall Isosceles Triangles
12 Right-angled Triangles
12 Square Frames
6 Square Windows
6 Small Rectangles
6 Magnetic Figurines
4 Large Bases
2 Vehicles
1 STEAM Inspiration Booklet (26 pages)

Package Dimensions:
39cm x 25cm x 9cm


Imagimags couriers the Foundation Set for free! You can expect delivery within 2-3 days of ordering.

Customer Reviews
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Imthiaz J.
South Africa South Africa

I purchased 2 sets for my grandkids and they love it Ordering another 2 sets for my friends kiddos

Este O.
South Africa South Africa

Best buy, kids enjoy it and the blocks are of a very good quality. Hours of fun. Would be great to be able to buy pieces to add.

Joey O.
Couldn’t wait to order these!

I’ve ordered the blocks this morning, contact Imagimags on messenger, and it were delivered in 4 hours to my door as I explained that it is my grandson’s birthday tomorrow! Excellent service which gives this granny a BIG smile! Thank you!

Estelle E.
Imagimags have changed our lives!

Imagimags have changed our lives! Our son (and to be honest me and hubby too) enjoy playing with these beautifully made and strong tiles daily. It saves my sanity, because it acts as a "baby sitter" when I need 10-20mins to read emails or get some house work done. Our 2 year old plays independently with them much longer than with any other toy! The possibilities are endless. We take our Imagimags along when we visit the family and old/young, male/female and analytical/creative alike enjoys it just the same. Buy this toy early - because then you'll have years worth of play out if this - it's an heirloom toy that will last for generations!

Kamy M.
My kids love these!

My kids love their imagitiles. I’ve had to reorder more as their creations get bigger and more inventive. Great service. Delivery within 3 days of ordering both times.

Kelly T.
My Monday lifesaver!

Imagimags... my Monday lifesaver. Keeping my tired 4 year old busy while I hastily prepared dinner. When I came back to the carpet, he proudly told me about his “drone sub” which is obviously a submarine with a drone... right. Loving this amazing open ended toy which inspires so many hours of play. Literally bought my sanity for the price of imagimags. I think it was quite a good deal.

Evie S.
My daughters play with it every single day!

I just wanted to let you know that our two daughters (4,5 and almost 3) got Imagimags for Christmas and have been playing with it every single day since then! Thanks a lot for this great toy!

Nicola M.
Endless possibilities!

Stunning product and endless possibilities for play. Totally worth it!

Carla A.
The whole family had fun building!

Thank you so much. We opened it up yesterday evening and the whole family had fun building It’s been amazing service so far and I’m sure our Imagimags are going to bring many hours of play to our home

Tony H.
Ordering is super easy and the delivery is fast!

Fantastic customer service and high-quality product! Very impressed. Ordering is super easy and delivery fast Thanks again for the extra mile to make boy's birthday extra special. You ROCK

Sharon M.
I’m absolutely blown away!

“I just have to say, we've only had our set for a few days and I'm absolutely blown away by the magnetic tiles. We have already found so many different ways to play with them! Not only are they great for open ended play - I've also put together a few educational activities for both my 2 and 4 year old. They're so versatile and I'm excited to see what else we can do with them!”

Heather H.
Wonderful toy for grandchildren!

There isn’t a day that goes past when my grandchildren don’t play with their magnetic tiles! This is a wonderful toy for Grandparents to buy their grandchildren as it’s educational, lots of fun and they don’t break.

Leigh D.
Couldn’t wait for Christmas to open these!

So delighted to have received the package yesterday – I know I should have set them aside as a Christmas present but just couldn’t wait! Well done on spotting the gap in the market and bringing such a lovely product to market – with great service to boot!

Hermi D.
So excited about our order!

I just want to say I am RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED about receiving our order! I’ve been wanting to get magnetic tiles for my kiddos for a few years now, and I’m SO glad I never did, because having the opportunity to support a local business, PLUS a fellow-homeschooling-mom, brings me SO much joy. I absolutely love they way you have put this concept together, everything from the video on your website to how you share your “heart” through this product.

Sarah N.
Best gift ever!

We LOVE the set - BEST GIFT EVER. They have been possibly the BEST present ever for my son. Most used. Every day. Our son just loves them.

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